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A Note From Our Founders Regarding Heavy Metals

To Our Square Baby Family,

We know how stressful the recent headlines can be, especially since many of the levels in the commercially-made baby foods that were tested are unacceptable and scary.

We are here to help.

With transparency and nutrition science at our core, our goal is to add clarity to what you can expect from Square Baby.

We believe in and are committed to sourcing the highest-quality, safest ingredients for our families – taking the same care and obsession for quality and safety as if your children were our own.

Remember that even organic produce and grains can contain heavy metals – that’s why we support and encourage tighter FDA regulations and safety measures to help the industry (farms and producers) minimize the amount of metals in our soil and in our foods.  And why we strive for the safest cooking methods to reduce metals as much as possible.

The report notes that heavy metals occur naturally in soil and water — making both organic and conventional foods susceptible to heavy metals . “Notably, parents can’t shop their way out of these exposures by choosing organic foods or by switching from store-bought brands to homemade purees,” the report explains.

Here are some simple, helpful tips from the report to reduce heavy metal exposure:

​​Here’s how we’re doing our best to minimize naturally-occurring heavy metals and deliver the most nutrient-dense, sustainably-sourced, and freshest baby food to your doorstep:

  • We offer a wide variety of foods (over 55 organic veggies, fruits, whole & sprouted grains, proteins, health fats & herbs/spices) as recommended by the study and the Academy of Pediatrics. Offering a variety of foods will not only reduce heavy metal exposure, but it will also ensure your baby is getting a variety of nutrient-dense foods, antioxidants, as well as important vitamins & minerals like calcium, iron, and vitamin C to help block metal absorption.
  • We’ve chosen sprouted grains & seeds such as sprouted quinoa, millet, amaranth, chia, as well as sprouted brown rice. The sprouting process increases the nutrient value, improves nutrient bioavailability (body’s ability to absorb), makes the grain easier to digest, and also reduces the amount of metals because the sprouting process involves an additional step of soaking and draining the water.
  • In an effort to further reduce metals: We cook grains with excessive water, as recommended, and drain off the extra water. We are adding an additional step of rinsing the grains (after sprouting, and before cooking).
  • To provide the freshest, most nutrient-dense food for your baby, we do not manufacture meals like the store-bought, shelf-stable foods that have been extensively processed at high heats. Our purees are made fresh in small batches.  Our grains are cooked in small pots just like homemade and our fresh produce is gently steamed or roasted.
  • And, of course, we source only certified organic, non-GMO ingredients (with the exception of salmon, which cannot be certified organic – we proudly choose Wild Alaskan Salmon)from the best farms and suppliers. Most of our ingredients come from the same farms you’d find at Whole Foods.

Helpful Research & Resources:

In addition to our ingredient suppliers testing for metals, we are also sending our pureed meals out for Third-Party Lab Testing to detect any level of heavy metals that may be present.  Once we’ve received the results, we will inform you of any changes to our ingredients, sources, and process that may be helpful.

We are 100% committed to providing our families with the best, safest, most nutritious product.  And we are committed to transparency.  At the end of day, we’re here for YOU.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

-Katie + Kendall, Co-Founders

hello@squarebaby.com or at SquareBaby.com Support & FAQs

edited: 11/10/19