Our Nutrition Promise

Balanced, Square Meals

Never fruit-heavy. Always nutrient-dense! Every meal is nutritionally balanced with veggies, fruit, whole and sprouted grains, and various premium proteins. We also add healthy fats, herbs & spices for optimal nutrition and palate development. Our commitment to balanced meals means we have ½ the sugar and twice the protein & healthy fat as most pouches.

100% Daily Nutrition

Our Square Meal System™ is interchangeable and customizable -- meaning any 2 or 3 Square Meals (depending on age) per day offers 100% of baby’s daily recommended servings of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and protein based on USDA “Birth to 24” Guidelines.

Allergen Introduction

Research like the LEAP, PETIT and EAT studies show that introducing allergens as early as 4-6 months may help prevent food allergies. We are the only baby food company to offer a comprehensive allergen introduction menu including all of the Top 8 Allergens as well as sesame.

Partnership for a Healthier America

We are proud founding members of PHA’s “Shaping Early Palates” initiative and integral in the development of the “Veggies Early & Often” campaign and logo.

In addition to 100% Daily Nutrition, we also commit to having more VEGGIES than any other food group in every Square Meal.

While our Square Meals already met PHA's rigorous Veggie Icon criteria as our Square Meal System offers 100% Daily Nutrition based on USDA and AAP recommendations -- we are excited to announce that we are doubling down on our commitment to raise the next generation of veggie-lovers and will launch nationally with meals that have ever greater veggie content than before.

We are also launching new “first food” meals that are at least 75% vegetables to replace three single-ingredient fruit purees. 

“Square Baby was founded on a mission to inspire healthy eaters for life -- focusing on the relationship between an infant’s diet, physical and cognitive development, food allergy prevention, and palate development. We are deeply committed to shifting the paradigm in both the home and marketplace through PHA’s “Veggies Early & Often” campaign and as inaugural partners of their Shaping Early Palates initiative. As moms ourselves, we know first-hand that offering veggies early and often offers critical nutrition in the first 1000 days of life, teaches your baby to learn to love their veggies, and sets them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.”

-- Katie Thomson MS, RD, Cofounder & CEO


Certified Organic

We are proud to select the highest-quality ingredients from our fresh produce to sprouted grains to our premium proteins and healthy fats.

All of our ingredients* are USDA certified organic and our meals are certified Organic by CCOF.

*with the exception of our sustainably-caught, wild salmon and shrimp, which do not fall under USDA for organic certification.

Highest Quality Ingredients

We proudly select our organic ingredients from the best farms and suppliers. We take great pride in always choosing nutrition, taste and quality over cost. Always. We partner with suppliers whose commitment to health, food safety, and sustainability match our own high standards.


The planet we leave behind for the next generation needs to be nurtured, preserved and respected.

That’s why we choose ingredients that are USDA Certified Organic as well as Upcycled like our Renewal Mill Okara flour.

Our containers are recyclable, use recycled materials, and are free of BPA, phthalates, plasticizers, and fillers.

Our meals are shipped in recyclable boxes with 100% compostable insulation & dry ice (vs plastic cold packs).

We are constantly looking for the newest innovations in sustainability to bring your family the healthiest meals in the most sustainable way.