Square Baby Wins Innovation Award for Sustainable Packaging!

Author Image Katie Thomson MS, RD | Cofounder

Our new packaging wins top award for "Innovation in Sustainability"!

Thank you to One Step Closer (OSC) for recognizing Square Baby for our innovation in Sustainable Packaging! We couldn't be prouder of this moment!

We're proud that our new, custom containers are made from 💯% post-consumer materials as well as recyclable + reusable (as they've always been). We also deliver our meals in an eco-friendly box with compostable insulation and dry ice.

Because the world we leave the next generation is as important as the nutrition we're offering.



💯% We use only certified organic ingredients.

👩‍🌾 We partner with trusted farmers and local suppliers for the highest-quality, safest, and most delicious organic foods for your family. 

♻️ We utilize upcycled ingredients like Renewal Mill's "Okara Soy"

🐓 Committed to Animal Welfare and Ethical Sourcing of our proteins. Sourcing 100% of our organic chicken bone broth from Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certified farms.

🏆 Award-winning innovation in sustainable packaging!

🌎 Containers made from 100% post-consumer (recycled) materials.

🚫 Free from BPA, BPS, Plasticizers, Phthalates, etc.

♻️ Our containers are recyclable and reusable.

🏆 Tested for heavy metals and 400 potential contaminants -- and winner of "Clean Label Project" Purity Award

📦 We also ship in recyclable boxes with compostable insulation --- and dry ice! No sweaty cold packs. 🙏
Read more about our packaging details here.


Our new packaging has been in development for over 3 years!  We listened to our customers to understand what's most important to them --- from size and shape to sustainability to user-friendliness and convenience.

Here's why our Square Baby families are LOVING our new containers:

🖐️ The wide opening encourages baby to explore the food with their hands!

🥄 Perfect for spoon-feeding. 

🙌 Helps develop motor development skills (vs sucking from a pouch)

 🙏 They're easily stackable in the fridge or freezer.

🌈 The clear container highlights the gorgeous rainbow of colorful meals

💪 We optimized the seal to be easier to remove or peel back.

❤️ We think they're pretty cute.

📦 They travel well, whether it's a successful frozen shipment to your doorstep or packing them up for your outing.


Please reach out to hello@squarebaby.com with any additional feedback or suggestions -- we love hearing from you!

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