Square Baby Donates 1 Meal for Every Meal Purchased!

Author Image Katie Thomson MS, RD | Cofounder

Square Baby Donates 1 Meal for Every Meal Purchased!

More than 9 million American children faced hunger in 2021.

“1 in 8 kids in the United States are living with hunger. That's 9 million children. But there is good news. This number went down over the past year. The pandemic showed us that when it comes to feeding kids in America, we have programs that work.” – No Kid Hungry

At Square Baby, we know how important nutrition is during a baby’s first 1000 days of life.

And we believe every child deserves access to the nutrients they need. That's why we created Good Feeds™ – a platform for giving that makes it easy for anyone to donate nutritious meals to those in need.


(1) You Buy, We Give.

  • Order your custom box of Square Meals
  • We donate 1 meal to No Kid Hungry for every Square Baby meal purchased.
  • The more you buy, the more we give!

    No Kid Hungry and Square Baby - Donate Baby Food

(2) You Post, We Give.

  • Post about your Square Baby experience and we'll donate 10 more meals to No Kid Hungry!
  • Tag @squarebabyfood and #goodfeeds 
  • The more you post, the more we give!
Good Feeds - Charity - Square Baby

"We all need to do our part to end childhood hunger in the United States. But millions of kids are living with hunger right now. With No Kid Hungry, you can help change that." -- No Kid Hungry

Simply feeding your baby will feed other kids that need it most. And a simple post on Instagram or Facebook can help feed 10 more kiddos. 


Baby eating from a spoon - Square Baby

"We know that healthy, fresh, organic meals can be a luxury that not every family can afford regularly. We're committed to combatting hunger and helping children get access to the nutrition they need during the most critical time in their lives. We are so proud to introduce Good Feeds and donate healthy meals to children who need it most. And we're grateful to No Kid Hungry for making it easy for every Square Baby family to be part of the solution." -- Katie Thomson MS, RDN, Cofounder & CEO

Please help us reach our goal of donating 100,000 meals! And to learn more about Good Feeds, click here.

Note: Square Baby’s official campaign with No Kid Hungry runs from September 1st through September 30th, 2023 with a maximum donation of $10,000. Square Baby will donate $0.10 (or 1 meal) for every Square Baby meal sold and $1.00 (or 10 meals) for every qualifying social media post.

Reach out if you have any questions at hello@squarebaby.com. We love hearing from our families!

Founders of Square Baby - Katie Thomson and Kendall Glynn

~Katie and Kendall, cofounders and chief mamas

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