Square Baby Launches Limited Edition “Pumpkin Spice Eggnog”

Author Image Katie Thomson MS, RD | Cofounder

Doubling down on early allergen introduction and holiday cheer.

ORINDA, CA – December 10, 2019 – Square Baby, one of the most innovative companies in the baby food space, is at it again.  Say hello to their newest creation: Pumpkin Spice Eggnog. 

That’s right, eggnog. With real eggs!

Elf on a shelf - Square Baby Style!

If you’re asking yourself, “Is this a joke?” That answer is a resounding no. While this is only a limited holiday release, Square Baby’s Eggnog is yet another way the brand is proving their commitment to science-based nutrition. 

Allergen Introduction

At its core, Square Baby is different. Not only are they the only organic baby food to offer 100% daily nutrition, Square Baby is also one of the very few brands offering early allergen introduction.

While many of today’s top baby food companies are touting “allergen-free,” Square Baby is doing the opposite and leaning into recent research. For decades, pediatricians and allergists recommended delaying allergen introduction for baby’s first year to prevent food allergies from developing. However, recent studies like LEAP, EAT, and PETIT have shown the opposite to be true for certain allergens.

“We are rooted in science-based nutrition, and we will never waiver from that commitment.” says Katie Thomson, registered dietitian, co-founder and CEO of Square Baby. “Therefore, we don’t follow trends or chase fads. Instead, we are driven by science in our effort to deliver balanced and complete daily nutrition. We are on a mission to set the next generation up for a lifetime of healthy eating.” - Katie Thomson, MS RDN, cofounder and CEO of Square Baby

Limited Holiday Release

Today that means leaning further into allergen introduction with the launch of their limited holiday release – Pumpkin Spice Eggnog.  Their newest Square Meal is made with organic pumpkin, sweet potato, whole milk Greek yogurt, gluten-free oats, and of course, eggs: one of the big 8 allergens. And because eggs provide choline for brain development, this nog, is great for your baby’s noggin! Plus, they also add a dash of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom. Because even the littlest palate’s deserve a taste of the holiday season. 

Looking to introduce your kiddo to allergens and some holiday cheer? Square Baby’s Pumpkin Spice Eggnog is available while supplies last at www.squarebaby.com (delivered to your doorstep!) and at the Square Baby Boutique in Orinda’s Theatre Square in the Bay Area. 

HURRY — because it’s delicious.

Contact: press@squarebaby.com

Happy Holidays,

Founders of Square Baby - Katie Thomson and Kendall Glynn

~Katie and Kendall, cofounders

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