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Square Baby named "Best Meal Delivery for Infants" 

Square Baby is featured in POPSUGAR’s latest article on infant and childhood nutrition, “Best Kid's Meal-Delivery Services, According to RDNs", written by Beth Ann Mayer.

POPSUGAR writes: "Square Baby is designed specifically for infants and offers an easy-to-navigate website that allows parents to choose protein sources (animal, yogurt, or plant) and texture (chunky or smooth), taking the guesswork out of solids."

"Square Baby is great for families searching for high-quality baby food with an easy-to-follow plan," registered dietitian, Dana Conley, RND says. Its system "ensures that baby receives a well-balanced diet with any three meals. Plus, the allergen introduction menu is a great way to introduce one allergen at a time," Conley says.

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"There is nothing more flattering and more important to us than a thorough review and recommendation by another Dietitian in the food industry", says Katie Thomson MS, RDN, Registered Dietitian, Cofounder/CEO of Square Baby. "And we've been so honored to be recognized by them in the past as pioneers in Early Allergen Introduction."

Square Baby also named #1 Recommended Brand

"After our full analysis, the baby food we recommend comes from the brand Square Baby.

Square Baby is a customizable subscription-based food service tailored to the nutritional needs of your growing child. It offers nutrient-dense meals prepared in line with your baby’s age, ensuring they receive the right balance of protein, vegetables, grains, and other essentials.

All ingredients used in Square Baby foods are 100% USDA-certified organic and GMO-free, and meals are delivered frozen to your doorstep bi-weekly in reusable and recyclable containers.

The brand uses a “veggie-first” approach, meaning every meal has more vegetables than any other food group. Many mainstream baby food brands use a lot of concentrated fruit—which comes with a lot of sugar—to sweeten the meals to make babies like them more. Since their inception, the brand has removed their fruit-only purees and reformulated a large part of their lineup to focus on veggies.

In addition, Square Baby provides “Allergen Introduction” meals, including ingredients like fish, shellfish, peanuts, and dairy. Current research indicates that early introduction of these common allergens might aid in warding off future food allergies, making this a great way to introduce your little one to potential allergens.

Square Meals provide 100% of a baby’s nutrition, which takes the guesswork out of feeding a child."

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