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Our Story

Fed Up

Fed up with all the fruit-heavy, sugar-laden baby foods masquerading as balanced meals, Katie Thomson, a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition Science, knew she could do better.

She knew how critical the first year was for a baby’s health and how a balanced diet is intrinsically tied to how their brains and bodies develop. Not to mention the long-term effects of taste preference that can impact their health and meal choices for the remainder of their lives. The leading organic options were so packed with applesauce, she feared her baby would grow up craving sweets and denying veggies.

Compare SquareBaby to typical baby food.

Creating Balance

Determined to create a solution to cut through the clutter, the confusion and the mountains of applesauce, Katie created Square Baby.

With Square Baby, each meal is completely balanced and the Square Meal System™ delivers 100% of a baby’s daily recommended servings of fruit, veggies, protein, and grains. She even incorporated healthy fats like avocado oil, sprouted grains, lentils and Salba chia, and various protein sources like salmon, egg, and bone broth that were often missing from the leading jars and pouches.

Square Baby Ingredients

Making it Easy

We’ve done all the research.
The chopping and the roasting.
The steaming, portioning and pureeing.
But most importantly, we’ve done all the nutrition-based math.
So all you have to do is serve the meals.

Finally, there’s a simple way for parents to offer their kiddos 100% of their daily nutrition. Because we believe balanced meals go hand-in-hand with a balanced life.

Square Baby Ingredients

The Team

Katie Thomson Headshot

Katie Thomson MS, RDN


As the first nutritionist for Starbucks, Katie played a pivotal role in the evolution of the Starbucks menu - introducing healthier options like Oatmeal, Bistro Boxes and Egg White options, creating clean ingredient standards, and acting as the Health & Wellness policy advisor and spokesperson. Since leaving Starbucks to pursue Square Baby, Katie has consulted for national brands like Red Robin & Hilton and startups like NatureBox.

Mom to Jackson (9) and Nolan (6).

Kendall Glynn Headshot

Kendall Glynn, MS, CGC


Certified genetic counselor with an emphasis on women and infant health and wellness. Kendall opened the first private Perinatal Practice in San Francisco, offering comprehensive services to patients and physicians in the Bay Area. Since leaving San Francisco Perinatal Associates, Kendall has focused on fundraising efforts in Children’s Health and Wellness and her three small children.

Mom to Callum (10) Emery (9) and Duncan (7).

Kevin Thomson Headshot

Kevin Thomson


Kevin has created global campaigns and launched products for Nike, GEICO, Discover Card, Clorox, ConAgra, The Olympics, and more. His recent work for Barbie was named a “YouTube Ad of the Year” and earned the brand a spot on the cover of TIME.

Dad to Jackson (9) and Nolan (6).