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Square Baby

$500 Gift Card

Square Baby is the next gold standard 
in baby food. Founded by 2 moms 
(a Registered Dietitian and Certified Genetic Counselor). They offer 100% Daily Nutrition. Customized to your baby's age, stage & dietary needs. They offer a wide variety of vegan, vegetarian as well as premium/sustainable seafood & animal proteins! And allergen introduction as well as allergen-free meals. Organic meals are made fresh & delivered to 
your door step. Learn More

Busy Baby

Ultimate Mealtime
Bundle ($106 value)

Busy Baby is the first-ever system of food-grade placemats, tethers and accessories that keep babies' things within reach and off the floor during mealtime, playtime, and anytime. Their products help foster baby's independence, fine motor skills, and sensory & cognitive development, while making it easier for parents to enjoy everyday activities with them. Learn More

Bashful Baby

$175 Gift Card

Bashful Baby was created after Sebastian was born and Gina tried every type of kids pajamas on the market, many of which were hard to take on and off and felt uncomfortable. Once Gina discovered bamboo viscose and the long-term use (it lasts 3X long!), she was hooked. Her son loved the material, it was incredibly stretchy, hypoallergenic, and soft. Using her design background, Gina was on a quest to bring Bashful Baby to more families. Learn More

Tovla Jr.

$150 Gift Card

Tovla Jr has been manufacturing real cookware for kids since 2016 with the hope of empowering children and improving their self esteem. With a genuine passion for empowering children, our products are carefully crated with their confidence in mind. We strive to create an experience that not only fosters success in the kitchen but also extends far beyond it. Learn More

Mommy Bliss

$150 Gift Card

Mommy’s Bliss is an award-winning baby, kids, and mom vitamin and supplement brand. Born from the wisdom of mothers, now trusted by generations of healthy families, our mission is to nurture and strengthen the blissful bond between you and your child from day one. Learn More

More Peas

$100 Gift Card

Morepeas creates colorful, sustainable snackware and accessories for littles that is multi-purpose and built to last. Designed & patented by two moms and best friends, their plastic-free snack cups, baby bowls, sippys, pacificers and more will have your kiddos asking for 
"more peas!" Learn More

Baby Quip

$200 Gift Card

Whether you are traveling with little ones or having grandchildren come to visit, BabyQuip provides safe and sound baby gear rental essentials to make everywhere feel like home. The Quality Providers at BabyQuip rent full-size cribs, strollers, car seats, toys, books, high chairs, and so much more! With other 175,000 reservations completed, BabyQuip knows how to take care of traveling families. In fact, 62% of parents say renting baby gear from BabyQuip saved their vacation! Learn More


Baby Bottle Monitor
($129 value)

Veba Baby has created the world's first baby bottle monitor that tracks the expiration of breast milk and formula in real time - and makes automatic adjustments based on data and guidelines from the WHO and CDC. The monitor gives parents peace of mind, knowing that their babies are getting the best nutrition possible, at home or on the go. Through the Veba Baby app, parents can also log the volume of each feeding, check the status of multiple bottles, as well as locate mission bottles using a Find My Bottle feature. The app also delivers automatic updates whenever bottles are exposed to high temperatures and when expiration is approaching. Learn More


Baby Bottle Warmer
($400 value)

Ember is a design-led temperature control brand whose mission is to revolutionize the way people eat, drink, and live. Ember Baby is a patented smart temperature control technology to create the world's first self-warming baby bottle. The Ember Baby Bottle System delivers perfectly warmed body-temperature milk or formula with the touch of a button. Finally, feedings only require two things: a bottle and milk. Learn More

Pippy Sips

Maia System
($105 value)

Pippy Sips is on a mission to create products that make pumping easier and more accessible to ALL breastfeeders. It's time to add simplicity to your pumping experience and to make breastmilk even cooler. Our flagship product, Maia is a patented & award-winning system for storing, cooling, and monitoring breastmilk. We believe that pumping parents should be able to live their life without fear of spoiling their liquid gold. Learn More