Cheesy Salmon Quesadilla Recipe

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Bored of making sandwiches?

Try one of the easiest and quickest lunches of all time -- quesadillas!

Fillings for a quesadilla are endless. Quesadillas require few ingredients and the clean up is minimal (score!). Increasing the nutritional content of quesadillas is easy -- slice and dice your favorite veggies and for extra protein, add in your favorite fish or meat.

Cheesy salmon quesadilla made with square baby puree baby food

Don't have time to prepare?

Try our easy, 3-minute Cheesy Salmon Quesadilla recipe. All you need is your favorite cheese, tortillas, and one of our most popular Square Baby meals, Salmon Mash.

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Our simple recipe is easy for parents and caregivers, and delicious for the kiddos. We roast Wild Alaska Sockeye salmon and fresh cauliflower and combine it with mango, sweet potato, and peas for a super-fresh, lightly sweet, balanced meal. 

We took it a step further and added sprouted millet, avocado oil and sprouted Salba chia for extra nutrition. Power packed with nutrients including omega 3s, healthy fats, fiber and protein -- it’s perfect for the whole family!

quesadilla made with cheese and salmon mash by square baby

Our Cheesy Salmon Quesadilla Recipe:


2 whole wheat tortillas (about 8’’ diameter)

1 jar Square Baby Salmon Mash

2 tsp butter or ghee ½ cup cheese


1. Heat a medium skillet over medium heat.

2. Add butter or ghee. Place tortilla in medium skillet.

3. Spread Salmon Mash on top of the tortilla. Sprinkle cheese evenly on top of the spread. Top with a second tortilla.

4. Cook for 2-3 minutes or until golden brown, flip to the other side. Once cheese is melted, remove from the pan, and place on a cutting board. Cut into triangles and serve with guacamole, salsa, or sour cream. Enjoy!

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