Square Baby Announces National Expansion and New Veggie-Forward Meals!

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We're Expanding Nationally and Launching New Vegetable-Forward, “Square Meals” in Support of PHA's “Veggies Early & Often” Campaign

Square Baby is a Founding Member of Partnership for a Healthier America and Unveils New Vegetable-Focused Initiative 

Orinda, CA (September 21, 2021) – Square Baby, a trailblazer in science-based nutrition which offers a customized meal service for babies rooted in balanced nutrition, palate development, and early allergen introduction, has joined Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) as an inaugural member of the Shaping Early Palates Initiative in 2020.  As an integral part of developing the newly-launched “Veggies Early & Often” campaign, Square Baby is one of only five baby food companies, along with other key stakeholders and medical professionals, that are founding members of this campaign, which aims to create a new standard in baby food, and spearhead a movement to create change in the industry towards more vegetable-forward meals that will instill healthy eating habits during the formative years of infancy and beyond.

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“Square Baby was founded on a mission to inspire healthy eaters for life -- focusing on the relationship between an infant’s diet, physical and cognitive development, food allergy prevention, and palate development. We are deeply committed to shifting the paradigm in both the home and marketplace through PHA’s “Veggies Early & Often” campaign and as inaugural partners of their Shaping Early Palates initiative,” said Katie Thomson MS, RD, Co-Founder and CEO of Square Baby. “As moms ourselves, we know first-hand that offering veggies early and often offers critical nutrition in the first 1000 days of life, teaches your baby to learn to love their veggies, and sets them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.” In fact, Katie attributes her 9-year-old’s requests for beets on his strawberry shortcake to his love of Square Baby’s “Beet Berry” that he still chugs like a smoothie.

Founders of Square Baby

As leaders in infant nutrition, Thomson and Kendall Glynn MS, CGC, Co-Founder and COO are proud to announce that their meals already met PHA's rigorous Veggie Icon criteria as their Square Meal System offers 100% Daily Nutrition based on USDA and AAP recommendations. To double down on their commitment to raise the next generation of veggie-lovers, Square Baby will launch nationally with meals that have ever greater veggie content than before. The brand is also launching new “first food” meals that are at least 75% vegetables to replace three single-ingredient fruit purees.
Square Baby will also amp up its social media content to educate their community on the benefits of a vegetable-rich diet. “We are proud to join forces with PHA and other baby food companies, experts, physicians, and stakeholders to raise the bar in infant nutrition and make a positive impact on lifelong health,” said Glynn.

"Despite vegetables being absolutely critical to a healthy life, infants and toddlers don’t eat nearly enough of them. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Square Baby as they ensure 100% of their meals meet the rigorous standards PHA has set for use of our Veggies Early & Often icon.” says Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America


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Square Baby, which launched in 2018, offers research-based, customized meal plans that provide 100% of the daily recommended servings of veggies, fruit, whole grains, and protein for each stage of development, from 6 to 12 months, based on both USDA's "Birth to 24" Guidelines and AAP recommendations. Their Square Meal System™ has been developed to focus on meeting dietary needs, fostering palate development, and early allergen introduction to support food allergy prevention. Currently available in select regions, Square Baby is in the process of expanding from select regional to national direct-to-consumer distribution, and will move their operations into a new state-of-the-art facility in early 2023.


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For more information on Square Baby, visit www.squarebaby.com. Click here to learn more about PHA’s “Veggies Early & Often” Campaign.



About Square Baby

Square Baby is the only baby food to offer 100% Daily Nutrition as well as supports an Allergen Introduction Menu. Harnessing the research behind introducing allergens early and often, which may help reduce baby’s risk of developing common food allergies, Square Baby offers 10 meals that include at least 1 of the Top 8 Allergens. Square Baby is founded by a registered dietitian and certified genetic counselor who have designed balanced, “Square Meals” from organic veggies, fruits, whole and sprouted grains, various proteins, healthy fats, herbs, and spices. Offering customizable meal plans and a foolproof footprint to achieve a complete daily diet, Square Baby has 23 different complete meals designed for babies 4-12 months or balanced snacks for children and toddlers. Made in small batches for a better-than-homemade quality, Square Meals contain half the amount of sugar and double the amount of protein and healthy fats as most pouches. Because Square Baby believes that every baby deserves good nutrition, their platform Good Feeds, donates 10 meals to Feeding America for every post shared on social media with @squarebabyfood and #goodfeeds. For more information, please visit: www.SquareBaby.com.


About Partnership for a Healthier America

PHA’s mission is to leverage the power of the private sector to transform the food landscape in pursuit of health equity. In 2010, PHA was created in conjunction with Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! effort. PHA identifies, accelerates, and celebrates voluntary business practices that improve or increase choice or lead to new norms and behavior around food and physical activity. Most important, PHA ensures that commitments made are commitments kept by working with unbiased third parties to monitor and publicly report on the progress our partners are making. For more information about PHA, please visit www.ahealthieramerica.org and follow PHA on Twitter @PHAnews.


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