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This dietitian-designed assortment
let's you try them all!

Square Baby Meal Box

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This dietitian-designed assortment

let's you try them all!

Square Baby stacking meals
Square Baby stacking meals

Give Your
Baby 100%

100% Daily Nutrition & Early
Allergen Introduction. Made fresh
& delivered frozen.

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Have questions?
We’ve got answers.

Do you test for Heavy Metals?

Yes! We voluntarily partner with the Clean Label Project and have earned the "Purity Award" for each of the meals we have tested. The Clean Label Project conducts rigorous, independent food tests for over 400 different contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals, plastics, pesticides and other toxins.

How many ounces are in each serving?

Our Square Meal System® offers 100% of a baby’s daily fruit, vegetable, whole grain and protein servings based on USDA’s “Birth to 24 Months” Guidelines. As always, listen to your baby’s cues and speak to your pediatrician about your baby's specific dietary needs. Read more here.

Are your meals fruit-forward or veggie-forward?

Our meals are nutritionally-balanced and have ½ the sugar as most pouches. And our “veggie-first promise” means that every meal is veggie-forward with more veggies than any other food group. Read more about Our Nutrition Promise here.

When is the best time to introduce allergens?

Based on recent research, most allergists and pediatricians recommend introducing allergens between 4-6 months of age. Read more here.

Can I customize my box?

Absolutely! Head to and click "Get Started". From there, we'll help design a meal plan based on your baby's age, stage, and dietary restrictions. You can choose the number of meals as well as each and every meal that goes into your shipment. Get Started here.

Square Baby meal box

How it Works

Dietitian-designed meals are made
fresh with 100% organic ingredients and
shipped frozen to your doorstep in a
compostable cooler box with dry ice.

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Want to customize?

Based on your baby’s age, dietary needs
and preferences, we’ll help you customize
a meal plan for your baby.

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Clean Label Purity Award

We earned the
Clean Label Project
Purity Award!

After rigorous, 3rd-party lab
testing for heavy metals, plasticizers,
pesticide residues, and over 400 other
contaminants - we are proud to have
earned the Purity Award!

Clean Label Purity Award baby